Scultore della bottega di Tino di Camaino (Maestro di Orso Minutolo)

Tondo depicting the Madonna and Child

In white marble. cm. 46. Expertise of Prof. Alessandro Del Priori.
"The style [...] immediately suggests the scope of Tino di Camaino, as always evident looking in particular at the faces of Mary and Jesus, which are characterized by an accentuated expressiveness, by geometric and slightly angular shapes, with powerful and square jaws, classically straight and powerful noses, almond-shaped eyes marked by elongated and turgid lids. Characters that are found in practically all the works of Tino and his large workshop. [...] The label "Tino di Camaino's workshop" might be enough [...]. A very lucid article some time ago by Francesco Aceto, on the other hand, forces us to think more precisely and to search for a group of homogeneous marble carvings by date and style that could well be the critical container of this sculptor. " Extract from the expertise of Prof. Alessandro Del Priori.
€ 5.000,00 / 8.000,00
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