Collection of twelve engravings taken from Commedie by Carlo Goldoni, 1761

A) & nbsp; Goldoni sixteen in Milan with his father in the home of the Marquis Goldoni who supports him for admission to the Ghislieri boarding school in Pavia. < / span> & nbsp; Pietro Antonio Novelli inv. and del., Antonio Baratti scul. & nbsp; mm. 140x88 (plate); mm. 160x116 (sheet).

B) "The Scottish". Act V, scene IV. Novelli inv. and del., mm. 130x78 & nbsp;

C) "The pupil". Act V, scene X. Novelli inv., Mm. 130x78

D) "The loving mother". Act III, last scene. Novelli inv. Baratti s., Mm. 134x78 & nbsp;

E) "The fussy females". Pier Ant. Novelli inv. he was born in. Ant. Baratti sch., Mm. 133x78

F) "La Casa nova". Novelli i. Baratti s., Mm. 138x78

G) "Torquato Tasso". Act IV, scene XIII. Novelli inv. Baratti s., Mm. 130x75

H) "The vengeful woman". Act III, scene XXIX. Novelli inv. Baratt sch., Mm. 134x78

I) "Curious women". Pier Ant. Novelli inv and del. Ant. Baratti sch., Mm. 140x80

L) "Domestic stinginess". Novelli i. Baratti s., Mm. 140x80.

M) "The shy lovers". Act III, scene X. Novelli inv., Mm. 135x80

N) "The lucky heir". Act III, scene XIV. Novelli inv. Baratti sch., Mm. 135x80.

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