The Gallery

Founded in 1968 by the current owners, Pananti Gallery & Auction House is a reference and meeting point for collectors, art critics, painters, sculptors, poets and writers, thanks to its continued exhibitions, offering both personal and collective shows, auctions as well as an uninterrupted publishing activity, During its fifty-plus years of activity - aimed above all at supporting nineteenth and twentieth century Italian art - Pananti has organised over three hundred art exhibitions on its premises and edited over 400 publications (catalogues and monographs as well as narrative, non-fiction and poetry collections). It has held painting and sculpture auctions both at their headquarters in Florence, but also in Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria during the summer months.


Pananti’s publishing and exhibition activity works side by side with public institutions in Italian and foreign communes and museums. For example, on behalf of the Museums and Culture ministry of Lugano, Pananti organised a large exhibition of paintings and graphic works in 1986 at Villa Malpensata. In 1998, the Gallery organised and published the exhibition catalogue to commemorate Mino Maccari – Nel centenario della nascita – for the town council of Grosseto. This exhibition thanks to its high level of cultural content was subsequently hosted by the Campania region at the Palazzo Reale in Naples and then by the Province and the Municipality of Bari in Puglia, at the Pinacoteca Provinciale.


Pananti is also well-known for its publications, starting the cataloguing in volumes of the work by Mino Maccari and the drawings by Ottone Rosai in Disegni di Ottone Rosai, the Catalogazione di tutte le incisioni di Giovanni Fattori nella Raccolta Franconi by Andrea Baboni with preface by Federico Zeri; and the publication of the general Catalogue Raisonée of the engravings by Piero Dorazio (1962-1993), by Gabriele Simongini. Among the most important editorial awards Pananti has received is the Librex-Guggenheim Eugenio Montale for Poetry prize in 1983, for the volume by Carlo Betocchi Memorie, racconti e poemetti in prosa.


They have also curated many exhibitions and the solo shows of great interest and to remember are those organised on the occasions of the centenaries of the births of two of the most important twentieth century Italian painters: Ottone Rosai (1995) and Filippo de Pisis (1996). They were of such importance that they were organised under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, which is granted only to cultural events of great national prestige, and very rarely granted to private organisations. In addition other exhibitions have been curated by Pananti including one dedicated to Giovanni Fattori in 1994; in 1997 on the Macchiaioli group by Dario Durbé and others dedicated simultaneously to the Macchiaioli group and to Antonio Puccinelli, on the occasion of the centenary of the artist's death, in collaboration with the town council of Castelnuovo di Sotto (1998); the so-called Epocale exhibition (four generations of artists and a comparison of their movements): Pop, Graffiti and Cracking Art and the monographic show, dedicated to the work of Andy Warhol (1999). In March 1999, Pananti started offering an art consultancy service and auctions on a four-monthly basis (with the exception of summer breaks). They began by holding an important sale of 19th and 20th century paintings and drawings, antique objects, works coming in part from the Ragghianti collection (for the paintings and drawings) and from the Bruzzichelli collection (for the antiques). Pananti then held a second auction in 1999 offering 19th and 20th century painting, drawing and sculpture. In 2000, Pananti published the volume on the work by Lionello Balestrieri in collaboration with the Lionello Balestrieri Foundation and the Municipality of Cetona entitled A cento anni dal conferimento all'artista della medaglia d'oro al Salone Universale di Parigi; and in 2001, homage was paid to Ardengo Soffici in Un'arte toscana per l'Europa by Luigi Cavallo.

In 2012 Pananti curated exhibitions in memory of Alberto Burri and Piero Vignozzi and in March 2013 another exhibition entitled Una collezione preziosa as a tribute to Renato Guttuso. That summer they organised as a tribute to Mino Maccari La commedia nell'Arte, when for the first time some rare paintings were shown; for the Fondazione Terre Medicee at the Palazzo Mediceo at Seravezza.


All exhibitions are accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.