Imperiale Gramatica
(Roma, 1599 - 1634)

Allegory of Music

Oil on copper
cm. 41x28
Expertise of Prof. Gianni Papi on 9 December 2021. "The painting object of this sheet is [...] to be assigned to the son of Antiveduto, Imperiale Gramatica, also a well-known painter, the subject of recent studies. the monographs dedicated to Gramatica Senior, written by myself and by Helmut P. Riedi, mainly dealt with works. Although the language of Imperiale is closely linked to that of Antiveduto - of which he was probably a collaborator in the works of the latter of the third decade -, today it is possible to distinguish with sufficient accuracy the personality of the son and his entitlements. The stylistic characteristics of the copper in question correspond well to some of Imperiale's known works, all executed, given the artist's short life, between the third and the first part of the fourth decade [...] ". Extract from the Expertise of Prof. Gianni Papi.
€ 8.000,00 / 12.000,00
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