Lot consisting of four graphic works

A) Sergio Vacchi, Old mosque, Serigraphy, mm. 500x700; eg. 98/125, Signature lower right, edition lower left.B) Luigi Boille, al-ramy - al-khayt, Chalcography, mm. 700x500, e.g. 34/125, Signature lower centre, edition and title lower left. C) Piero Vignozzi, Country Window, 1984, Etching-Acquatint, mm. 700x500 (sheet); mm. 500x325 (plate), e.g. 16/75, signed lower right, edition lower left. Certificate of Guarantee, Edi Grafica, Florence. D) Piero Vignozzi, Hydrangea and shears, Ceramolle, mm. 360x500; eg. 8/75, signed lower right, edition lower left. Carried out for the Tuscan regional headquarters of RAI, Italian Radio and Television.
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