Attr. a Paolo Veronese

Dinner at the house of Simone Fariseo

Oil on paper (two sheets) applied on canvas
cm. 41.5x106
The work was attributed by Prof. Giovanni Mariacher in an appraisal dated May 1977. Bibliography: 1974, Mario Monteverdi, Hypothesis on a model by Paolo Veronese, extracted from issue no. 138 in Art Criticism directed by C.L Ragghianti, Vallecchi Editore, Florence. "The correspondence with -tèlero- of Brera is almost perfect also from the compositional point of view (not so much from the coloristic aspect), with some small variations. [ . slavish, calculated and supervised for the correspondence to the original. [..] Faced with such a straightforward, inventive, flagrant drafting, I would like to argue that the pictorial work we are examining, certainly originally from Venice and no one knows for which story that emigrated to Spain from which she returned to Italy, is one of those initial "models" that Paolo Veronese [..] prepared "to concentrate his things well", before transferring them to canvas [..]. "Extract from the essay by Mario Monteverdi in "Art Criticism", 1974.
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